as of November 2020

Estimations and Rates
All project estimates are based upon hourly rates which may differ depending on the service or function requested. Additional costs such as; materials, travel expenses, shipping, or procurement of resources, etc. which can be directly attributed as necessary to the completion of the client request will be itemized clearly and added to the invoice.

As much as possible, any and all expenses will be factored in at the time an estimate is generated. Should unforeseen expenses arise which are not at the request of the client, but necessary for the completion of the request, notification will be made prior to incurring them for the purpose of seeking approval.

If you, as the client, initiate the request for services, materials, or changes to the process, outside the scope of the original estimate, it will be duly noted and indicated upon final invoice. The estimation is not a guarantee of final cost but it is my intent to stay within the agreed upon parameters as much as possible.

Details regarding time frames, and materials will be included on the formal estimate. Negotiations and incentives (i.e., early payment, completion ahead of schedule, RUSH jobs, or the changing of priority status) may have an effect both positively and/or negatively on the final invoice and should be factored in prior to any estimate or start of any request whenever possible.

All payments made to, Daniel Dickson