Dan Dickson Designer

I've been involved in the design and multimedia industry since 1978 in varying capacities as: Production Artist, Wildlife Artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Video Producer and Editor, Art Director, Instructor, corporate-level Creative Director, and business owner, and since 2008, as the Director for a Student Creative Services unit at a major university. [see interview]

However, my passion has always been in the creative process of design, specifically logo design and identity branding. Creativity is, after all, what clients are paying for when it comes down to it.

Everything I have produced over the years, whether it was hands-on or in a supervisory role, began with a solid concept. It's much easier and far more efficient if that can be established early on in the process.

Providing the necessary services to meet a client's needs is only part of the process. Paying attention to detail and ensuring a clients' satisfaction should always be is the ultimate goal of any designer.