I have nearly 30 years experience in the graphics and design industry in a number of capacities; Production Artist, Illustrator,
Art Director, Instructor, corporate-level Creative Director, and business owner. The most important personal objectives I have in my professional life is to continually challenge myself and to instill that same desire to learn in those I work with in a supportive, collaborative manner.
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It's the most important aspect of everything I do. It is, in fact, what clients are paying for when it comes right down to it. Although I pride myself in providing professional, quality work, it's the creative concept behind the final product that sets the tone and ultimately makes all the difference.

Service, in relative terms, can be anything from logo design to websites and everything in between. Providing the necessary services to meet a client's needs is only part of the process. Paying attention to detail and ensuring a clients' satisfaction should always be is the ultimate goal of any designer.

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